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Today, in this day and age, there are still many young individuals forced into marrying someone they barely even know. Just to show you a glimpse of just how many I’m referring to; I want to inform you that there are 14 million girls under the age of 18 getting married off each year.
That would be roughly equivalent to 1,166,666 girls every month, 269,230 a week, 38,461 a day, 27 every minute and 1 every 2 seconds.

Forced marriages are still abundant in many different countries. This includes developing countries such as: India, China, Niger, Chad, Mali, Bangladesh, Guinea and the Capital African Republic. As well as some countries in Europe, comprising of Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine.

There are many reasons as to why these forced marriages take place. Most of these include: gender inequalities, poverty and religious practices. First of all, gender inequalities. In many of the countries that I have stated before, the female gender are often said to be of a lower class compared to the men. This is mostly due to the social and cultural traditions, attitudes and beliefs that belittles the women’s rights and restricts their ability of playing an equal role in not only their homes but also the community.

Poverty is also another factor to this problem. Women in these countries are labeled as an ‘economic burden’. Their own families force their own daughters into marrying random strangers in exchange of money to support the family.

Religious practices are also another reason as to why these marriages take place. In many of the religions of these countries, they believe that the women should always remain pure therefore families marry off their daughters at an early age, while they are still pure, to prevent their daughters from being immoral or indecent.

Forced marriages leads to many terrible outcomes as well. Many of the under aged wives are subjected to abuse and forced sexual relationships by their husbands however in those developing countries it is said to be socially acceptable because it is seen as a husband disciplining his wife.

These marriages also contribute to a lack of education on the girl’s part. The girls tend to stop their learning education prior to getting married. This is justified by the fact that once a girl is married she is considered an adult and thus no longer needs to be educated.

However, this is simply inexcusable and no girl should be forced to do something as unreasonable as this. How would you feel if you were forced into something such as this?

I have been told of these kinds of things happening years ago, however knowing that this is still going on even now, I find it extremely disturbing and it completely disgusts me. And because I’m not the only one that shares this opinion, there are people who are working hard to stop this from happening and I can only hope that there will be a day when this never ever happens again.

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Fremantle Army Museum
Year 10 History Visit
Staking a Historical Claim

By: Shalinn Yeap

A soldier’s life was very hard during WW2.

It’s pretty much self-explanatory, many soldiers had to overcome the terrible weather and journey just to arrive at the war camp, only to hide in tiny trenches sheltering themselves from the terrifying gunshots and bombs. If the soldiers weren’t in the trenches then they would be fighting in the front lines, watching their comrades lose their lives or having their own taken from them. If not they were taking the opponents lives and bearing the heavy guilt from it.

SOURCE 1: Prisoner of War Gallery

In the Prisoner of War gallery there were many mannequins on display and they helped in displaying how graphic and serious the whole situation was. We were able to see how the Prisoners Of War had to survive with their terrible living conditions. There was also information that was displayed around the area to tell us more about the conditions.

There was a lack of safe drinking water and this was always a health risk. Of course there was boiled water but the process of having to fill so many containers contaminated that water too.

There was also the factor of vitamin deficiency. The Prisoners of War were overworked, starved and they lacked fresh food, this was what led them to being vitamin deficient. The polished rice that they were served was lacking in vitamin D because it was polished and all the nutrients from it was stripped away. Aside from just vitamin D, they were not able to get their other vitamins either.

The Prisoners of War also had to deal with their wounds getting infected and tropical ulcers. This was very serious and all the Japanese would do was amputate the victim’s leg. There were mannequins displaying one of their ‘surgery in progress’ it was very graphic and vivid. All these points prove that a soldiers’ life was very hard during World War 2.

SOURCE 2: The Kokoda Track

There was a big display where two soldiers (mannequins) were trekking up the Kokoda Track with their guns. It looked very realistic and helped us imagine what it was like during that time for the soldiers and how they were probably feeling.
This involved a battle with the Japanese and this was probably the biggest battle that Australia had fought. This is most likely due to the fact that this was the only battle that Australia fought by themselves; protecting their own country. Although they did receive back-up later on.

The Australian soldiers had to deal with the terrible conditions of trekking through deep mud, carrying their heavy guns. The weight of the weapons they were carrying was unknown, however there were information boards that informed us of the guns that the Japanese were using during that battle.

They carried around a gun known as the ‘Type 92 Juki Machine Gun’, which is also named the ‘Woodpecker’ because of the noise it makes when fired. The weight of this gun is 56.3kg with the tripod.

From this source, we can gather that the Australian soldiers were not the only ones having a hard time, the Japanese soldiers had to carry around a 56.3kg machine gun with them during the whole battle. Therefore, a soldiers’ life was very hard during World War 2.

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My Father’s Speech

-EDWIN, Frank’s Son, in his early 20s.
-FRANK, Edwin’s father, in his late 40s.


In a basement located right underneath Frank’s house. It is a very dimly lit. There is a window in the background where you can see the dark night sky.

EDWIN walks out onto the stage, in a hurry.

EDWIN: It’s all your fault!

FRANK stays silent and follows EDWIN out onto the stage.

EDWIN: It’s because of your low-paying job and your terrible reputation around this place!

FRANK: You’ve never been bothered by it before… why are you so against it now?

EDWIN looks away and catches his breath before turning back to Frank.

EDWIN: Because…I’m starting to finally make a name for myself. I’m finally starting to get the normal life I’ve always wanted!

FRANK: Are you implying that your life was not normal before…?

EDWIN: It wasn’t! How can you even think that it was? Thanks to you being my father no one ever wanted to come anywhere near me! I even had such a hard time searching for a job, with a decent pay, because of you!

EDWIN points at FRANK.

FRANK: You think I’m the cause of all that?

EDWIN: Yeah. I know you are.

FRANK: That’s the last thing I ever wanted to be.

EDWIN: I know you never intended it but that’s just the way it is now! Don’t you care about what people say about you? Doesn’t it ever bother you that people are making you out to be a joke? Have you ever thought about how it would affect me as well?

FRANK continues to blankly stare back at EDWIN.

EDWIN: (shouting) Have you?

FRANK looks at EDWIN before placing his hands in his coat pockets. FRANK looks down at his own shoes, lets out a sigh and then looks back up at EDWIN.

FRANK: You know when you were just a baby; I told your mother that you would grow up to be a great man.

EDWIN rolls his eyes and looks impatient.

FRANK: And you did… but somewhere along the way you started becoming different. You suddenly let other people push you around. You started accepting people’s opinions and you believed that you weren’t good enough.

EDWIN: (silently) That’s not –

FRANK: By the time you realised that you weren’t where you wanted to be, you started blaming everyone except yourself for it. You keep on shoving the blame onto other people saying that you’re not successful because of them. I know that you’re better than that. You know that you’re better than that. If you know what you’re worth then you go out there and you get it!

EDWIN starts crying silently.

EDWIN: Dad, I’m sorry.

FRANK: Now, come here.
FRANK pulls EDWIN into a hug.

FRANK: No matter how unhappy you are with your life and no matter how much you hate me, just remember that I will always love you. You will always be my little boy and you will always be the most important person in my life.

EDWIN buries his face into FRANK’s shoulder.

EDWIN: I love you too, dad.

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Task 1
Mental Health Assessment Task
By: Shalinn Yeap

1. Choose one of the following mental health issues to research:
Depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, self-harm or eating disorders.


2. Describe this issue. What is it? What causes it? What are the symptoms that someone may display?

Depression is a common mental health disease. It is when you experience feelings of despondency and dejection for prolonged periods of time. There are many reasons as to why someone might be going through depression. When you know the issue causing you to feel depressed, the feelings of depression might fade away as time goes by. However, if the cause of the depression is unknown the symptoms might worsen over time because the person is unable to understand it. Symptoms of depression include: crying spells, feelings of hopelessness/worthlessness, withdrawal from others, lack of emotional response and reduced ability to cope on a daily basis.

3. How prevalent is this form of mental health issue? Give Australian based statistics. Look at different age groups- do the statistics change for young people or older people. What about gender differences?

-1 million people currently suffer from depression in Australia.
-Postnatal depression affects 14% of new mothers in Australia
-Depression and anxiety affect one in seven and one in four people respectively at some point in their lives
-The prevalence of depression in an Australian sample group increased in the ten years to 2008 from 6.8% to 10.3%
-Research shows that women are more prone to depression than men. These women are generally aged 18-30 years old. Apparently it is due to the various stresses women face as a result of their gender and the demands women face as they occupy multiple — and often conflicting — roles within the family, in the community, and at work.

4. Are there treatments/cure for this condition? How do they help to alleviate the symptoms?

There are many treatments for depression. These treatments include: psychological treatments and medical treatments. Examples of psychological treatments available are: cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy and behavior therapy. Psychological therapy might not help a person to recover from depression but they help the patient to prevent the depression from reoccurring.

5. Where may someone with this health issue go for assistance to help them deal with it? Include local contact details of at least 2 agencies and details of 2 other sources of assistance or advice.

If someone is suffering from depression, they should visit the GP [General Practitioners], psychologists or even psychiatrists.
Local Assistance include:
-Mr Owen Robinson [Social Worker]
-7/2 Madeira Road PARKWOOD WA 6147
-Ms Nicole Losby [Psychologist]
-Suite 3/73 Apsley Rd, WILLETTON WA 6155
-Ms Zoe Parry [Psychologist]
-Unit 15, 2 Batman Road CANNING VALE WA 6155

6. What steps or lifestyle choices could someone take to reduce the likelihood of suffering this condition? How do these strategies help to prevent someone from suffering from this mental illness?

Strategies to prevent someone from being depressed includes:
-Thinking positively
-Taking out time for fun and relaxation
-Have a healthy diet and exercise

-Thinking positively helps prevent depression because it makes you focus on the positive side of things instead of the negative side. It also helps you to be more optimistic about situations; it helps open up your mind to new things and helps you look on the better side of things.

-Taking out time for fun and relaxation helps takes your mind off certain things that might be bothering you. If relaxes you and gives you a break from work, school or life problems. Everyone needs to have a ‘time-out’ every once in a while to help refresh and rejuvenate oneself so that they are able to work better.

-Having a healthy diet and regular exercise helps prevent depression because a healthy diet makes your body feel good and it helps your brain to function properly as well. Regular exercise helps too because when you exercise your brain releases endorphins which helps you think better and it lifts up your mood and makes you happier.

7. What does Applecross SHS currently do to minimize mental health issues amongst students? What additional strategies could the school put in place?

Applecross Senior High School helps minimize mental health issues amongst the students by motivating us with the posters around the school. Posters about ‘personal best’, help to motivate the students to try their best at everything. It helps the students to feel important so that helps prevent depression. There are also pamphlets available, in the students’ services and also when you visit the school nurse, that teaches you how to cope with depression and how to seek help.

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English Journal Reflection:
Text: The Investigation
Author: C.F Dockrill
Genre: Play

By: Shalinn Yeap

Content: The play, ‘The Investigation’, is about how having immense power can lead to your corruption. The characters involved in this play-Hopewell, Captain Creda and Lieutenant Mortarson- play very important roles in this play. Each action and line they express helps to tell the story. Captain Creda and Lieutenant Mortarson had so much power that they were capable of killing innocent people whenever they felt like it. Hopewell was one of these innocent people, who were targeted by Captain Creda and Lieutenant Mortarson; he was a mechanic, a husband and a father. However, his life was suddenly falsely accused of breaking the law and Mortarson then tortured him, by breaking Hopewell’s fingers, due to certain orders given by Captain Creda. Hopewll remained mostly calm and collected throughout this and forced Creda to doubt his own horrible actions.


Repetition- In the play, ‘The Investigation’, repetition was displayed when Hopewell constantly kept repeating the word “die”, followed by a question mark. It was to express Hopewell’s feelings of shock, disbelief and confusion all mixed together. Repetition is the action of repeating something that has already been said or written before. It is used to create an impact and to draw the reader’s attention in. In this case however, since it is a play, it is used to draw in the audiences’ attention.

Rich Language- ‘Devouring’ – [Quote: “Both Hopewell and Creda look up at Mortason who is busy devouring a sandwich.”]
‘Devouring’ is the present participle of the verb ‘Devour’, which means to eat hungrily or quickly. Rich vocabulary is used in pieces of text to make your writing sound more sophisticated and to add more details to draw the audiences’ attention in.


Novel: -The Pearl- The novel, ‘The Pearl’, is related to this play, ‘The Investigation’, since both pieces of writing holds the message of how immense power can lead to a person’s corruption or destruction. In ‘The Pearl’, Kino was so controlled by the power the Pearl brought to him that it ruined his own life and his own family.

Song: - “Power” – Kanye West

No one man should have all that power
The clocks tickin' I just count the hours
Stop trippin' I'm tripping off the power
(21st century Schizoid Man)

The system broken, the school's closed, the prison's open
We ain't got nothing to lose mother****er we rollin',

This song is about letting immense power affect your actions negatively. This relates to the play: ‘The Investigation’ because both Captain Creda and Lieutenant Mortarson abused their high-ranking status by using it as an excuse to kill innocent people.

Film: - ‘Scarface’-

Scarface is a movie about self-corruption. It is based around a man named Tony Montana who moved to Florida as an asylum seeker, in search for the ‘American Dream’. After some events he ends up in a situation where he meets up with some shady guys to trade money for cocaine. The shady guys end up double crossing him and intended on taking Tony’s money without handing over the cocaine. They were about to take Tony’s life away but in the end his friends came in to save him and Tony escaped with the money and the huge amount of cocaine. He starts off his business from there and from then on he leads a life of murder and drug trafficking. Eventually, he becomes a rich man of a big business and people want him killed for the terrible things that he has done. As he grows richer his cocaine addiction grows, in the end he gets killed by the people that were after him. This film is related to the play: ‘The Investigation’, in the sense that both are centered on high-ranked people abusing their powers, which then leads to self-corruption.

Opinion: 3/5


English Journal Reflection:

Text: Ozymandias
Writer: Percy Bysshe Shelley
Genre: Sonnet

By: Shalinn Yeap

Content: The sonnet ‘Ozymandias’ describes the cold and harsh ruler named: Ozymandias. We can gather that Ozymandias was a harsh and horrible person from the text. [Quote: “Whose frown and wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command”] Usually a sculpture of a person would be created just to capture that certain person at their best. However, Ozymandias’ statue captured his ‘frowning face and wrinkled lip and his sneer of cold command’. This gives us the impression that Ozymandias was a terrible ruler who didn’t care about his people but instead just ordered his people around everywhere, hence ‘cold command’. This point is then proven further with this. [Quote: “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”] This reinforces the statement before and also tells us that Ozymandias was a very powerful man since he was the ‘king of kings’. A big theme in this sonnet is ‘pride’ because Ozymandias was a very prideful man, since he was a very powerful and terrifying ruler.


-Rich Vocabulary- ‘Visage’ [Quote: “Half sunk, a shattered visage lies”]

A ‘visage’ refers to a person's face, with reference to the form or proportions of the features. The writer used this word to properly refer to Ozymandias’ face. Rich vocabulary is used in pieces of texts to emphasize words and to make them sound sophisticated, it also helps to draw in the attention of the reader.

-Rhyme- [Example: The first line ends with the word ‘land’ the third line ends with the word ‘sand’]

Rhyme is the correspondence of sound between words or the endings of words.
A rhyming scheme is really important for sonnets because they help maintain the structure of the sonnet. Since a sonnet has to have 14 lines.

-Personification- [Quote: “And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command”]

Personification is the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something non-human. Personification was used in this sonnet to describe how Ozymandias used to rule his people. It placed the horrible personality of Ozymandias onto the statue of Ozymandias, even though it was just a statue, a non-living/ non-human object.


Novel - Beauty and the Beast-

‘Beauty and the Beast’ tells a tale of a prideful prince who turned away an old lady because she was ‘ugly’. Unaware that she was actually a witch, he was placed under a curse for being such a materialistic young man and was then turned into a Beast. This shares a similar theme of ‘pride’ with the sonnet ‘Ozymandias’ because both of the characters were extremely prideful.

Movie- ‘Hitler: The Rise of Evil’-

This movie was centered on the most feared leader of Germany in World War II, Hitler. Everyone feared Hitler because he invaded many countries just to satisfy his greed for more land and more power. This movie shares a similar theme with the sonnet ‘Ozymandias’ because both Hitler and Ozymandias were fearsome rulers/leaders.


English Journal Reflection:

Text: Porphyria’s Lover
Writer: Robert Browning
Genre: Dramatic Monologue

By: Shalinn Yeap

Content: The dramatic monologue: Porphyria’s Lover tells a tale about a love affair between Porphyria and an unknown man; her lover. The monologue starts off with Porphyria overcoming the struggle (of the cold and the ice storm) just to see her lover. He takes advantage of this and strangles her with her blonde locks of hair, just so that she would ‘stay’ with him forever. This dramatic monologue is filled with many themes, such as: Tragedy. This piece of text tells us of a tragic love story, where the main character, driven his intense love for Porphyria, takes her life just to capture that moment of love. Even after such a sinful act, the main character still feels no signs of regret. [Quote: “All night long we have not stirred, and yet God has not said a word!”] There is also a line within the text, which tells us that Porphyria for some unknown reason is not free to love the main character as she so wishes to. [Quote: “Too weak, for all her heart’s endeavour, To set its struggling passion free from pride, and vainer ties dissever, and give herself to me forever.”] Due to these reasons of Porphyria’s reluctant feelings for the main character, he felt that taking her life was the only way to secure Porphyria’s love.


-Repetition- [Quote: “That moment she was mine, mine fair, perfectly pure and good.”]
Repetition is the action of repeating something that has already been said or written. Repetition was used in this text to show how possessive the main character was over Porphyria and her love.

-Rhyme- [Example: The first line ends with ‘Night’ the third line ends with ‘Spite’]

Rhyme is the correspondence of sound between words or the endings of words.
Rhyme is used in this text simply because it feels good, it looks good and it sounds good. It also helps to keep a ‘beat’ throughout the whole poem and it helps to structure the poem properly as well. Rhyme is used to help people to listen to things smoothly and to leave an impression on the reader as well.

-Rich Vocabulary- ‘Dissever’- [Quote: “ From pride, and vainer ties dissever, And give herself to me forever.”]

Dissever means to divide or sever from something. The writer used this word to describe Porphyria cutting off her ties with her family. Rich vocabulary is used to make your writing sound more sophisticated and to attract your reader’s attention.


Movies: [The Phantom of the Opera]

The movie –The Phantom of the Opera shares certain themes and ideas with the dramatic monologue –‘Porphyria’s Lover’- such as: possessiveness and tragic love. Both of the main characters love the lead female so passionately and intensely that they develop a habit of being overly possessive. They feel threatened that the girl they love won’t stay with them forever therefore they think that the only way they can be together is to possess her, to own her.

Song: [“All of Me”- John Legend]

'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you

This song does show a hint of possessiveness. [Quote: “Give your all to me”]
This song also shares the theme of ‘love’ and ‘romance’. However, the possessiveness involved in this song is not as extreme as the possessiveness displayed in ‘Porphyria’s Lover’, this song is just about commitment in a relationship.

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私は 「シャリン イープ 」です。






Unknown Meanings #1

So, I'll be posting a new section, where I'll post the meaning of words (or terms) that I am confused about.

This is supposed to be 'slightly' educational, so I hope you guys learn something from it too!

Bureaucracy: a system of government in which most of the important decisions are taken by state officials rather than by elected representatives.

Coronary bypass: open-heart surgery in which the rib cage is opened and a section of a blood vessel is grafted from the aorta to the coronary artery to bypass the blocked section of the coronary artery and improve the blood supply to the heart

Irrevocable: not able to be changed, reversed, or recovered; final.

Luxuriate: enjoy (something) as a luxury; take self-indulgent delight in.

Prognosis: the likely course of a medical condition.

Millennium: an anniversary of a thousand years.

So I hope that all of you learnt something.

I learnt the meanings of all these words and terms, I also learnt that 'millennium' is actually spelt with 2 'n's I always thought that there was only one.

[Midget29, Signing Out.]